Why Do People Get Married?

Why do people get married in these modern times, when so many couples live together anyway?

Add in the prospect of a new baby and the decision whether to get married or not can take on a little extra urgency!

It’s All So Tricky Today

When my folks were young, you courted, got married in your local church then gave up work and had babies. Simple.

But there are many more choices today… and no shortage of people clamouring to share their opinions with you about how, when and where to get wed. So let’s take a closer look at the question of why do people get married.

Marriage is about so much more than satisfying a dream about a white dress!

Here are 10 top reasons to get married that are just as valid today as they were in our parents’ time…

1. You have found Mr / Mrs Right

This one’s for keeps and you’re ready to share the rest of your life with this person.

You know and understand one another and want to spend your future growing ever-closer together.

2. You are both ready to make the ultimate commitment

Marriage is about so much more than a big dress and a great party for all of your friends and family. Marriage is a legally binding contract with legal requirements for both parties involved.

Marriage represents the ultimate commitment for many couples, even those who start off their relationship with a more informal ‘living together’ arrangement.

3. Someone to raise a family with

A happy, stable and loving family environment is one of the best gifts you can give to your children. But parenting is a tough job! Children thrive when nurtured by two loving parents and many of us still aspire to the traditional family model when considering starting a family. It also helps to have a loving partner to share those night-time feeds, toddler tantrums and perfectly normal parenting worries!

4. A great party with all your favourite people as guests

Most of us love a good party, and your wedding is one of the best excuses for a proper blow-out bash you will ever have.

Best of all, you get to draw up the guest list so only your favourite people will be celebrating with you.

You can still have a great party when you’re pregnant… just remember to switch the champagne for apple juice and be careful when choosing the menu!

5. Someone to share the good times with and the rough ones too

One of the best reasons to get married is knowing you will have a trusted companion who will celebrate life’s joys with you, and will always be there for you when the path gets rocky.

Every marriage hits bumps in the road… successful ones commit to find a way to navigate them together!

6. Financial Stability

These days, most of us are financially independent before marriage, but none of us know what the future has in store for us… although we can (and should) put financial plans in place to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

There’s no doubt that money troubles can be a big test of a marriage, but it’s also true that two can be better than one when times get tough!

7. Life-Long Romance!

No guarantees of course, but you’re certainly upping your chances of getting a lifetime filled with cuddles, Valentine’s cards and romantic ‘together time’ when you’re in a happy, committed relationship.

8. Trust

Trust takes time to build and is something to cherish. Entering into a marriage with someone you don’t trust, or with a partner who doesn’t trust you is like pre-booking your appointment with a divorce lawyer. If you have any doubts or concerns at all, you should talk about them now!

9. Someone you want to build a lifetime of memories with

We’ve all seen old folks reminiscing together about ‘the good old days’ or about something funny their kids did way back when.

These memories are a bond… a shared recollection of a lifetime of togetherness.

Once the first flush of passionate love has faded, solid marriages work as couples work to enjoy and share their time together, building up a store of memories to treasure for years to come.

10. Your Soul Mate

Still wondering why do people get married? One of the major attractions of marriage can be finding a soul mate… someone who loves you whatever life throws at you… even on the days when you are grumpy, irrational and unpredictable. Someone who wants to be with you, no matter what.