Which Sofa Is Right for You?

There are so many styles of sofas that are available, it can sometimes be difficult for someone to make a choice. Understanding the different styles that are offered helps individuals to explore their options, so they will be prepared for shopping with Sofamania. It is time to explore the different options and get a feel for which ones are more popular.

Types of Sofa Designs

The following are some of the most popular choices of sofas available on the market. No matter which one a person chooses, they are sure to immediately fall in love with the design details and luxurious appeal.

  • The Chesterfield Sofa has been around for many years and was created when the Fourth Earl of Chesterfield wanted a piece of furniture that would allow a man to sit upright without wrinkling his suit. This sofa offers exquisite details and clean lines. When crafted in soft and supple leather, the Chesterfield Sofa is a beautiful luxury piece that begs to be enjoyed.
  • The Cabriole Sofa is a distinguished sofa that offers an exposed wooden frame. This type of sofa offers clean, continuous lines and no back cushions, so it is more modern in scope.
  • Camelback sofas are highly popular because of their sloped back that is characteristic of that of a camel. The smooth lines and cozy details of this sofa make it perfect for just about any style.
  • The Lawson Sofa offers smooth, clean lines and is typically overstuffed with added pillows and cushions for extreme comfort. A Lawson sofa has three back cushions and unique arms that set it apart from other sofas.
  • Tuxedo sofas are still popular and offer a stylish look of yesteryear with an updated design. The style of this sofa features arms that are as high as the back, giving the sofa a square, polished look.

Check Them Out Today

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