The Cost of Getting Married

Did you know that getting married can now set the average couple back £16,000!? Are you in the midst of planning your wedding? Maybe you are on a tight budget and want to keep the cost down? Planning a wedding is hard work and paying for it is even harder! It may be worth finding out whether you can enlist the help of others in your big day so that the cost can be spread.

So, who should pay for what? Well, traditionally the bride’s father should bear the costs for the following:- stationery, photographer, insurance, overnight costs for close family, bridal gown and bridesmaid outfits, page boy outfits, his own suit and an outfit for the Mother of the Bride, wedding cake, all reception costs, transport for the bridal party, bouquets and button holes and a wedding present for the happy couple. Poor Dad!

The Groom’s Parents on the other hand, have to absorb the costs of their outfits and a present for the Bride and Groom. Now that just doesn’t sound fair to me.

Now the bride herself should pay for the groom’s ring, the hen party, hairdresser, beauty appointments, going away outfit and a present for the groom. And, the groom is expected to pay for the bride’s ring, stag do, male bridal party outfits, church or civil fees, bridal party gifts, transport for himself, wedding night venue and the honeymoon. Together, the bride and groom should pay for gifts for their mothers and fathers.

The best way to plan and subsequently pay for a wedding, is to involve all the immediate family and try to share the cost as equally as possible. If everyone feels involved, it lessens the cost for one individual and ensures everyone has a role in the big day.