Places To Get Married And Have A Wedding Reception: Important Things To Remember

Brides and couples usually look for romantic wedding venues, affordable to cheap places to have a wedding, and even elegant high glossed enchanting wedding and reception halls and party rooms for the special day. Sometimes problems tend to arise on the wedding day just before the wedding because not enough attention was placed on the access points for the DJ or the band. It may seem to be a small unimportant issue, but be assured that if there is not adequate load in space and access, there just might be problems at the wedding and reception.

Here are the things to think about and consider when you are looking at places to get married and have the wedding reception.

1. The reason you want to ask about the load in area and access area to bring in band or DJ equipment is because the equipment is usually quite heavy. When a person or people have to maneuver through small doors and hallways and even through kitchens where the cooking is done, it can tire the band out before the wedding even begins.

Many wedding venues have easy access for the band and DJ as well as the wedding musicians, but there are many places that are pretty close to impossible for a band or DJ to bring equipment in before being completely worn out. Places like these usually make the band and DJ irritable because of fatigue before the wedding and that’s never a good idea. Make sure the musicians don’t have too much trouble getting in and setting up and they’ll have as much fun as everybody else.

2. If the wedding or reception will be upstairs, you’ll want to make sure there is an elevator that all the wedding vendors can have access to use. Imagine carrying heavy items or equipment up and down steps before and after the wedding. Some venues will not allow vendors to use the elevator and will say they have to take the stairs. Avoid places like these. They are too outdated and unreasonable.

3. Outdoor wedding venues should have outlets covered to protect from rain and bad weather. Nobody wants rain at an outdoor wedding but it occasionally does happen. Open uncovered outlets can be dangerous if it rains. Even if there is a tent to be set up, it’s still a good idea to check for covered outlets because on the wedding day if it does rain, there might be somebody that has to run an extension cord outside the tent or covering to an outlet that is not covered. Also be sure that outdoor wedding venues have electric outlets placed at a reasonable distance for extension cords etc. to be used. Otherwise you might need a generator and they can be noisy, especially when placed too close to a microphone of the band or DJ.

These are the most overlooked important things that couples miss when looking at places to have a wedding.

Best wishes on finding a great place to get married.