Getting Married in London – Why’s It the Best City?

Each year up and down the UK thousands of happy couples tie the knot and decide that embarking on the life journey in two is certainly more preferable than one! With so many different types of wedding formats available from country manor house to beach style and from village fete to weddings on a boat, the special day really can be as big or small as human imagination is creative and entertaining.

As someone that has spent a lot of time in one of the greatest cities in the world, London, I thought it would be good to explore what this city could offer couples that were considering it for their big day.

What can London offer couples on their wedding day?

Historic Venues – Brides who want a picturesque backdrop for their wedding ceremony will find many historic locations to choose from in London. Couples getting married in London may choose from royal venues like Kensington Palace or the beautiful gardens and buildings of the Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew.

Cutting Edge Fashion – London has always been at the cutting edge of fashion. London is also an exceptional city for shopping. Brides and grooms can shop for the latest bridal fashions from new or more traditional designers or hit the streets to stock up on the newest trends as part of their honeymoon.

World Class Chefs – Another perk of getting married in London is the number of renowned chefs and 5-star restaurants located in the city. Weddings in London are often catered by equally fashionable catering companies, providing guests of hotels for weddings in London with a memorable dining experience.

Creative Florists– Brides who want their weddings to have unforgettable d├ęcor can choose from a number of top florists familiar with weddings in London. Many high end London florists have provided arrangements for the upscale ceremonies of members of the royal family and other celebrities getting married in London.

Hotels for Weddings in London – With many historic and luxurious London hotels to choose from, brides, grooms, their families, and guests will be sure to find accommodations that suit their requirements. Many hotels offer ballrooms, banquet halls, and grounds for ceremonies, as well as honeymoon suites with many amenities and breathtaking views.

English Countryside – Couples planning weddings in London can have the best of both worlds by holding a ceremony in the bustling big city, staying at one of the many hotels for weddings in London, and then heading to the beautiful, relaxing, and convenient English countryside for a slower-paced honeymoon.

Tourist Attractions – Future couples and wedding guests will find plenty of attractions and sights to see in London, including art museums, historical sites, and cultural opportunities such as concerts and plays. For many families, travel to Europe can be a once in a lifetime experience. Take the leap and plan a wedding in a city that has an abundance of attractions to see and explore.