Daughter is Getting Married!

Has your daughter announced to you she is getting married? Now you are a mother of the bride, called MOB for short! So what do you need to do? Let us find out here!

The main aspect of being mother of the bride, is to make sure that you are supportive. In age old times, the mother of the bride would often be the one to do most of the planning.

Today however, you have much more of a calmer responsibility. It can be easy to start choosing what the wedding dress should look like, venue, etc, but the best thing that can be done is to be a support.

For the bride, a wedding requires a lot of planning. So the main aspect is support. Here you can be a great mother, because you can offer advice, as well as help pick the wedding dress.

There can be great bonding at this time. It is a good idea to offer assistance, and let the bride choose how much help she needs. It can be great when she hears that you will be there to help her, advice her, and go shopping with her to make her dream wedding become a reality.

There are many other ways that you can help, and also have certain responsibilities. For example, financially, you might be called upon to help! However, it a good idea to look at your own finances, to see just how much you can make that happen.

The next place where planning is a must, is to decide how many guests to bring along. Ask the bride and groom for the amount of guests you are allowed to bring.