Getting Married in London – Why’s It the Best City?

Each year up and down the UK thousands of happy couples tie the knot and decide that embarking on the life journey in two is certainly more preferable than one! With so many different types of wedding formats available from country manor house to beach style and from village fete to weddings on a boat, the special day really can be as big or small as human imagination is creative and entertaining.

As someone that has spent a lot of time in one of the greatest cities in the world, London, I thought it would be good to explore what this city could offer couples that were considering it for their big day.

What can London offer couples on their wedding day?

Historic Venues – Brides who want a picturesque backdrop for their wedding ceremony will find many historic locations to choose from in London. Couples getting married in London may choose from royal venues like Kensington Palace or the beautiful gardens and buildings of the Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew.

Cutting Edge Fashion – London has always been at the cutting edge of fashion. London is also an exceptional city for shopping. Brides and grooms can shop for the latest bridal fashions from new or more traditional designers or hit the streets to stock up on the newest trends as part of their honeymoon.

World Class Chefs – Another perk of getting married in London is the number of renowned chefs and 5-star restaurants located in the city. Weddings in London are often catered by equally fashionable catering companies, providing guests of hotels for weddings in London with a memorable dining experience.

Creative Florists– Brides who want their weddings to have unforgettable décor can choose from a number of top florists familiar with weddings in London. Many high end London florists have provided arrangements for the upscale ceremonies of members of the royal family and other celebrities getting married in London.

Hotels for Weddings in London – With many historic and luxurious London hotels to choose from, brides, grooms, their families, and guests will be sure to find accommodations that suit their requirements. Many hotels offer ballrooms, banquet halls, and grounds for ceremonies, as well as honeymoon suites with many amenities and breathtaking views.

English Countryside – Couples planning weddings in London can have the best of both worlds by holding a ceremony in the bustling big city, staying at one of the many hotels for weddings in London, and then heading to the beautiful, relaxing, and convenient English countryside for a slower-paced honeymoon.

Tourist Attractions – Future couples and wedding guests will find plenty of attractions and sights to see in London, including art museums, historical sites, and cultural opportunities such as concerts and plays. For many families, travel to Europe can be a once in a lifetime experience. Take the leap and plan a wedding in a city that has an abundance of attractions to see and explore.

So, You Say You’re Getting Married? Remember It Takes Two To Tango!

You’ve heard of the tango, haven’t you? If so, you’ll know that it is an intricate dance in which a man and a woman must anticipate and relate to one another in perfect unison.

If they don’t communicate well, their steps will falter. It takes two people of like mind and spirit to dance the Tango well. Moving together as one entity, theirs is a marriage of the body and the soul.

A good marriage is like the tango. In a healthy relationship between a husband and wife, communication is the key element to happiness. Caring and compromise are most vital to the kinds of communication that will lay a solid foundation upon which to build a successful marriage.

Success, in any endeavor; whether it be business, athletics or arts related; whether it is raising children you can be proud of or striving to have a great relationship with your mate, is hard work. Don’t let anyone kid you!

In marriage, as in business, you and your partner are working together, striving to attain the same goals. Anything worth having is worth working for.

Of course, when your relationship is still being controlled by your physical attraction, your perception…the way you see your potential mate can be just a wee bit clouded. The fact is, as the saying goes, “Love is blind”.

All of a sudden, before the honeymoon is even over, you start noticing that the person you believed to be so perfect for you, in actuality falls just short of perfection. When the honeymoon ends, the most important phase of your marriage begins. This is the time to start building that solid foundation. One which will withstand the test of time.

First, realize that it is o.k. to disagree with each other. Remember, you are two individuals who’ve already formed most of your opinions, your likes and dislikes, long before you became a couple. Be considerate of each other’s feelings but don’t forget your own. Be a good listener but don’t be shy about expecting your partner to pay attention to your likes or dislikes. Treat each other with equal importance and respect.

Don’t blame your spouse for your feelings. Your feelings are your own. Your emotional responses to certain situations have been formed over all of the years of your life. Nobody but you can make you feel mad or sad or happy. You alone, are in control of your responses.

There will be times of joy and there will be times of strife. This is as inevitable in a marriage as it is for the sun to rise and set. Never let the sun go down on your anger. If you sleep immersed in anger all night long, bitterness will grow and fester inside of you like a wound that won’t heal.

Remember these two words, “I’m sorry”. You don’t always have to be the one who is at fault to say I’m sorry. Having a good relationship is a lot more important than having the empty “satisfaction of always being right”.

Take a good look at your priorities. Your marital relationship should be number one on the list. Say, “I love you” and mean it. Smile and laugh spontaneously. Touch and hug each other several times a day. Nothing is more important than your marriage, but don’t neglect the other special people in your life. Your friends and family members will be of vital support in times of joy or sorrow.

If you are on the threshold of tying the knot with that special someone, you are about to engage in the most important event of your life. Oh, sure, if you decide later that you made a mistake, it’s easy these days to get a divorce. Too…too easy. A lifetime commitment to another person involves a lot of hard work. It involves taking a lot of effort to get to know and understand that other person.

All of these thoughts were swirling around in my head the day I wrote “Today, You’re Getting Married”. If just one couple who is about to pledge their marriage vows hears the words to this song and benefits from them then I will have not written it in vain.

In this age of “disposable marriages”, something powerful is needed to make people think more seriously about the magnitude of this most profound expression of their love for each other. There are no other wedding songs available for people to choose from which concentrate on the vows of marriage. “Today, You’re Getting Married” was written specifically with that purpose in mind. Here are the lyrics…

Verse 1

Today, You’re getting married.
Today’s the most important day of your life.
Forever more, you will be husband and wife.
Through thick or thin…
Through joy or strife…
This promise of love is for life.
Today…you’re getting married.


Here you stand…
Look inside your hearts.
Please understand, this love
That you are starting is so
Different from the rest.
This love will be the best
You’ve ever known.
You can’t go wrong as long
As you have each other.
This marriage is forever.

Verse 2

Today, You’re getting married.
In just moments you will say, “I Do.”
Promise to always keep your love brand new.
If to the vows of marriage you’ll be true,
This love will see you through.
Today…you’re getting married.


You’ll share your lives forever.
Your hopes and dreams,
You’ll build together…together.

Repeat Chorus

© 2010 Sybrina Publishing

This song would be perfect during the ceremony just before the preacher says the words, “Dearly Beloved…”. The instrumental section of the song is included on the MP3 file so that a bride may have her chosen soloist perform it in her wedding ceremony. If a soloist is not singing during the ceremony, the Vocal version, sung by Sybrina, may be incorporated into the taped music you are using for your wedding. Listen to it now at

Getting Married? How to Become More Prepared

The truth is there’s no definite way on how to prepare yourself for your upcoming wedding. However there are steps you can follow to ensure you can keep disasters at bay. You can begin with the following:

1. Schedule your wedding properly. Unless there’s a definite reason why you should hurry it up, have the wedding at least 6 months after the engagement. If it’s possible, schedule it a year after. This will give you enough time to tackle all aspects of the occasion, from the sending of invitations to catering, among others.

2. Know who you want to come. The guests can sometimes cause you headaches, and that’s sometimes sad. After all, these are dear people to you. It therefore becomes important you can create a guest list. Determine who you want to come to your wedding. Make sure you can be clear with the details. If you don’t want them tagging along somebody else, then say so.

3. Determine how much you’re willing to spend. Setting up a wedding can be very costly. It’s not uncommon to spend close to $10,000 for just a very simple affair. It becomes higher if you’re picky with a lot of things. Early on, before you start deciding on what to wear or where the venue is, have a good idea how much you want to spend for the wedding. There are several guidelines you can download online to have a clearer idea of the amount.

4. Keep yourself healthy.Any wedding planning is stressful for both parties, and too much stress can take a toll on the body. You will find yourself catching colds so easily, or you immediately get tired. It is because stress can dampen your immune system.

You want to keep your health in check at all times, especially during wedding preparations. A day doing nothing for the wedding planning will force you to work harder in the coming days. Besides, taking care of oneself will help you look much better on your wedding day. Take your vitamins and minerals religiously, eat the right kinds of food, and exercise.

5. Share the load. A lot of men will leave the decision-making process to their future brides. Honestly, that should not be the case. Sharing the wedding preparations can greatly reduce the stress for all parties involved. If you can afford it, hire a wedding planner. If you can’t, request assistance from friends and family. Surely they would love to take part in the planning process.

6. Learn to motivate yourself. Like any type of planning, there will be a number of drawbacks. It’s just a matter of convincing yourself to go on. In this case, you can utilize subliminal messages. The subliminal messages can further enhance your mind-set, making you believe you’re confident enough to beat the stress. Some of the subliminal messages frequently used by those getting married are the following:

I am looking forward to my wedding.

I don’t let the setbacks deter us from the plans.

I can develop a clearer mind so I can decide well for the wedding.