A Metal Pole Barn Can Easily be a Better Choice Than a Post-and-Beam Structure

It does not necessarily take a lot of investment and preparation to have a barn put up on a property. In fact, there are some options today that require very little spending and work but which provide eminently reliable shelter and storage space.

For example, a simplified approach to construction that relies heavily on the use of structurally significant poles quite often produces impressive results at a surprisingly low price. A metal pole barn built using this technique can afford any of many possible types of service.

An Inexpensive, Appealing Alternative to Post-and-Beam Construction

Barns have traditionally been constructed using posts and beams that combine to provide all the required structural strength and support. While well-understood and -established, this style of building tends to be quite expensive and labor intensive.

A simpler alternative involves the use of stout poles which are positioned vertically with one end buried in the ground. Horizontal members known as “girts” are added as required to achieve a targeted level of lateral strength.

Because this style of construction requires less work and preparation, costs tend to be significantly lower compared to those typical of post-and-beam designs. While the latter does convey certain characteristic advantages, barn buyers quite often find that pole-based structures suit their needs better.

An Especially Versatile but Accessible Type of Building

Barns built using poles and girts can be used for any reason that a post-and-beam structure might. Some of the things that pole barns are most commonly employed to shelter are:

  • Livestock. Like a post-and-beam alternative, a pole barn will normally be quite well suited to hosting livestock like cattle, goats, and horses. The spacious interior of a pole barn can easily be configured however might make the most sense in a particular situation.
  • Machinery. Many farms today rely heavily on large amounts of expensive machines like combines and tractors. Pole barns are frequently used to protect such important assets from the elements and other hazards.

A properly designed and constructed pole barn can be used in these ways and plenty of others. The low cost and sturdiness of this type of structure quite often makes it the best of all the available options.