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Personal Injury Keywords Associated With Your Compensation Case

Usually, personal injury attorneys speak in easy-to-understand terms when addressing their clients. So as you screen a lawyer before hiring them to help with a compensation case, be sure they communicating to you in a language you can understand. This way, you can ask them questions and expect clear answers on the way forward.


In the context of a personal injury case, liability may be the outcome of being at-fault. Yet, in certain instances, liability need not come from fault, for example when a worker is suing their boss for workplace injury. Whatever the case, liability refers to responsibility for damages being claimed by a personal injury victim. More than one entity or persons can be liable for personal injury, including the victim. Generally speaking, the liable party must be identified so you can file your claims.

Contingency Charges

“Contingency fee basis” is part of the response you’ll get from your personal injury attorney concerning what they charge for their service. A contingency fee plan allows an injury victim seeking legal redress to get a lawyer even when they do not have the money to pay one initially as the case begins. No initial fees are asked of the plaintiff, but nevertheless, they undertake to compensate their lawyer a portion of the payout they get when the case concludes favorably. Always ask your lawyer to state that this is the form of payment they’re asking of you.

Understanding Damages

To hold water, an injury case needs damages as much as liability. Damages comprise the degree of injury the claimant has sustained, and are defined in monetary value. So, when your lawyer says you’re going to be awarded damages, they’re talking about the amount of money you’ll receive. But damages are based on particular losses or injuries pertaining to liability of the accused.

There are three broad forms of damages that a victim may qualify for: punitive, quantifiable, and non-quantifiable. A victim receives punitive damages as a way to discourage the defendant from committing similar gross misconduct in future. Injury damages that you can’t quantify are those whose intensity or size you also can’t easily represent using numbers. These include physical and emotional pain as well as loss of consortium.

In contrast, measurable damages can easily be assessed and assigned a quantity. They normally account for the largest part of the settlement money you’ll get. Costs for medication are typical such damages, so long as any present or future treatment is for the impact of the exact injuries. All missed salaries while undergoing treatment, and any lost capacity to work and get paid later on can also be measured.

Hire a personal injury attorney who emphasizes clarity in their communications to you, clearing all doubts in your mind.

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