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What are Medallions and Coins for?

A lot of people have been having issues lately with how dependent they are with alcoholic beverages. There are also some people out there who are wanting to stop with the addiction. People are forming into groups who work together to help each other stop the alcohol addiction and start a new life. Group sponsor meetings are conducted to help these alcoholic members start a new life. What happens in these meetings is that each and everyone of the members are given the option to encourage one another on how alcohol addiction should be stopped. They help one another to promise that they will no longer have any alcoholic beverage. In this kind of group, you don’t only get friends but you develop a solid relationship that will later on turn into a second family for you. Because of the way this group handles adversity, a lot of them have already triumph over the alcohol addiction.

The group will also reward those who have successfully start to become sober through medallions and coins or tokens. These coins will be made of different materials and will come in various colors. The coins will correspond to the number of days, months or even years that a member has been sober and left the alcohol addiction for good. There is also a coin that is rewarded to the very first day of being sober, it will usually come in the color, white. The next coin you will get will be a bronze coin, this symbolizes sobriety for a week. And when you reach the first month, you will get a metallic coin. You get more coins as you go by without a single drop of alcohol inside your system and that is a very awesome feeling. The reward system is a very good technique in giving these people hope and notice on how hard they have tried to stop drinking alcohol.

When you see someone trying to stop with the alcohol addiction, encouraging them is your best way of showing that you support them it is never an easy task to stop an addiction that fast, this is why coins are useful.

If you want to help one another, make sure that you encourage anyone with the same issue as you have, this will give you and the other guys a better chance to win against the addiction.

Encouragement will be one mighty weapon in the battle for sobriety, the medallions and coins will give a huge advantage in helping others stop with this kind of addiction.

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